6/23/13 Post

Ok before I write something important, I want to apologize for not posting yesterday. I was out. Now, on with the blog:

Going into the 2013-14 school year, you are going to meet people you don’t like. It could be a teacher you have a problem with or a student that pushes you around. Whoever it may be, don’t let them influence who you are.
Let’s say a school bully tells you that you are ugly, don’t change your appearance or anything about you. They shouldn’t be able to make the decision of what you look like or do with yourself.
Maybe you become a cheerleader but they want you to loose weight so you can be a flyer for the team. Don’t loose weight unless you really want to.
So that’s my blog today. I know it kind of stunk but, that’s all for today!

~ Normality


6/21/13 Advice

I know school is out for the summer but, that doesn’t mean there isn’t advice to give. 😉 Going into the 2013-14 year won’t be easy for some of us. Especially those people going from middle school to high school. My advice for today is: hang out with your friends over the summer. If you don’t, you will be the loser with no friends next school year. Your friends will have hung out with tons of people over the summer and they will most likely forget about you. At least text them.
Take me and my best friend for example: we won’t really get to see each other of the summer so, instead we video chat and text.
If you do as little as text you friends once a week, they will most likely stay your friend all summer and into the next school year!
That’s all for today!

~ Normality

New Blog

Hi! Normality here! I want to tell you what I post about before giving you something! This blog is perfect for children in middle and high school. It gives them advice on how to ‘survive’ it. It’s all based on personal experience and I hope it will be very enjoyable!

~ Normality